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"The best host ever! He gave the historic context needed to understand the area, and it was interactive! We had to answer questions and point at relevant items."

Mex U © Experiences in or from Mexico City

Fun and Learning · Onsite or Online Walks and Experiences

"I’ve done dozens of experiences and this was by far one of my favorite! Such interesting information about how Mexico influence is all around us! I learned so much and had fun doing it."


Interactive Game, Fun
& Learning Experience

Have fun discovering Real Mexican Food & Gifts that inconspicuously live along you through a trivia challenge & a scavenger-hunt-like game, great for groups, families with adult children & individuals.
Book & join from a computer, phone, or tablet.
Multiple Times / 1 hr / From $11 USD PP
For people 18 and up.
1 ticket / person / connection per screen.


Fun & Learning, LGBT-themed
Walking Intro to Mexico City

At the two main squares within the 16th century city limits, we will discover the LGBT side of history by walking on the scene between them, visiting hidden corners in the Historic Center with stories seldom told.
Book Now
Daily 10 AM / 3.5 Hours / From $46 USD
For people 18 and up.
1 ticket per person.


Historia LGBT+ de la CDMX
Vamos al Lugar de los Hechos

En un circuito abordo de un autobús descubierto, iremos revelando las costumbres y hechos destacados de la diversidad histórica en el Centro de la Ciudad de México, Patrimonio de la Humanidad.
Reserva Ya
Jueves, Sábados 10 AM / 3.5 Hrs / 480 Pesos
Para adultos de 18 y mayores.
1 boleto por persona.
MÁS INFO +52 55 1355 2122


List of paused, onsite, in-person EXPERIENCES IN / FROM MEXICO CITY


once it is deemed safe for health.


Discover Herstory
From Malinche & the Aztecs to Frida Kahlo in the 20th Century. The Women who Built the Mexico of Today. Historic Center Walking Experience.

Wonders of Zócalo
Come Inside the Monuments & See the Hidden Marvels at Zócalo, the Main Square. Come Inside the Palaces. Historic Center Walking Experience.

Clash of Civilizations
Admire the Art at the Clash of Many Cultures & Civilizations Which Shape Mexico Today. Cultures that Form & Influence Mexico. Historic Center Walking Experience.

Become a Fan of Coyoacán
Meet Cortés, Gringos, S oviets & Frida Kahlo in Coyoacán. The Historic Heritage in Coyoacán. Coyoacán Walking Experience.

Synagogues & The Inquisition
Discover Centuries of Jewish Influence in the Historic Center. The Jewish Heritage in Mexico. Historic Center Walking Experience.

Challenge of Thrones
Discover Historical Thrones in a Scavenger Hunt Downtown. Learn Mexican History One Throne at a Time. Historic Center Scavenger Hunt Game.

Our Daily Fare
Come Taste Our Foods at Where We Eat Every Day. The Real Food of Locals, Brunch & More. Historic Center Walking Food Experience.

Bite, See or Buy the City
Have Brunch, Window-Shop & Stroll . Mexican Food, Stores Big & Small, Folk Art. Historic Center Walking Window-Shopping Experience.

Discover Gay History Parts II & III City Center Landmarks

Discover Hidden LGBT+ History & Treasures while Meeting the City. Queer Stories from the Aztecs to Modern Times. Gay History & Historic Center's Main Monuments Walking Experience.

Discover Gay History Part IV in Zona Rosa's Gay Bar Hop
Discover Hidden LGBT+ History & Treasures while Meeting the City. 20th Century Gayborhood Traditions, Nightlife. Gay History & Bar Hopping in Zona Rosa Walking Experience.

Discover Gay History Part V Day Trip to Cuernavaca & Spa
Discover Hidden LGBT+ History & Treasures while visiting Cuernavaca & Tepoztlán. Centuries Old Queer Marvels in Eternal Spring & Day Visit to Open Air Spa. Private Experience from Your Place & Back w/Prime Lunch & Drinks at Gay Spa.

Mexico before Mexico: Pyramids at Dawn or at Max
Discover Teotihuacan, Oldest Civilization in the Americas, 60 Minutes Away. Skip-the-Line, Chauffeured, Guided Personal Route at 650 acre site. Private Experience from Your Place & Back with Prime Brunch or Lunch & Drinks.

College, Corporate & Design Private Group Experiences
Design Your Own Dream Experience. The Best of Mexico in a Custom Experience.