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Master Intro to Mexico City for First Timers
Walking History and Main Monuments
Full Mexico City Historic Center Intro From the Aztecs to Modern Times
From US$67 per person, 10 AM Daily in English. By Reservation Only


Have fun discovering 700 years of history in Mexico City's Historic Center while enjoying the most complete introduction to town. See the main monuments and visit relevant sites. A must for first timers and newcomers. We take you to the scene.

This experience takes place within two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

What you'll do

Master Intro to Mexico CIty for First Timers

In a metropolitan area with over 20 million people, depending on how far you want to keep counting, this megacity boosts a plethora of attractions that is impossible to get to know and visit in a lifetime.

Beginning at its very heart, we will stroll past all of its central top landmarks while sharing its history, culture, growth and development in the last 7 centuries to help you plan the rest of your stay.

Our job is to build a magical experience to personally show you the reaches and magnificence of its size and heritage, while making your imagination go wild as you come to grips with all of the possibilities available locally.

From Aztec ruins to modern edifications, from tragedies of war to the glory of Olympic Games, from humble crops to a world class cuisine, from great open spaces to hidden corners, it will be my pleasure to introduce you to my hometown and and to show you its worldwide influence.

Founded in 1325 AD (almost 700 years ago), much older than Tokyo, Nairobi or New York, and similar to some European capitals like Amsterdam, Mexico City is a historical icon, a cultural beacon and a megacity to be reckoned with.

Many visitors get stuck downtown without grasping the real magnitude of the city. While we never leave its Historic Center; as newcomers, you will be explained the composition of the whole city while enjoying some of its most important monuments.

Where you'll be

We will be in the Historic Center of Mexico CIty, a UN World Heritage Site by itself, host to another one, a UN Memory Site and to more than two UNESCO Intangible World Heritages.

Along 3 kms we will introduce you to 1 Great Aztec Temple, 1 Cathedral, 8 palaces, its 3 largest plazas, 3 churches, the Spanish Inquisition, 1 central park, 5 former convents, scores of museums, 4 theaters and much more while learning the size of town and its sites.

What's included

  • The experience's host and expert.

  • Entrance to some private or public locations has been agreed and is fully included.

  • A complimentary bottle of water will be offered at the middle of the walk. Coffee, tea & soft drinks are also available to buy during a short break.



Things to keep in mind

Local experts

Led by locals who love where they’re from and what they do.

Small groups

With intimate group sizes, you’ll never get lost in the crowd.

High standards

Every experience is vetted for unique access.


Cancellation policy

Any experience can be canceled at least 7 days before the experience starts for a refund minus a 20% processing charge. Rescheduling and changes can be made at least 3 days before the experience starts. Refunds are counted from the original date of purchase.

Guest requirements

Guests ages 18 and up can attend. Bring a government-issued ID or passport as it may be required at some locations. This is a 1 mile (1.6 km), 3.5 hrs walk, mostly under the sun, with only 2 restroom stops. We begin on the dot & do not wait for missing participants. Liquids aren't allowed inside exhibits, please be willing to dispose of your containers. This experience goes on rain or shine. Please come prepared.


This is a 2 mile-long route on leveled ground both on sidewalks and buildings full of little-slope ramps over minor obstacles. There are 32"+ wide little-slope, outdoor & indoor ramps at every curb & building & an 80 sq ft elevator for visiting the city's underground.


This experience goes whether rain or shine. In case of rain, our tour will make its best to spend as much time as possible indoors. In case of unforeseen closure of streets or venues, we are always prepared with an equivalent or alternate route. 

The Experience

On this experience you will discover 700 years of Mexican history at  the most important monuments in the Historic Center. All of this will take you along the history from the Aztec Empire, 1325 AD, the Spanish Colonial Period, 1519, the Mexican Independent Period, 1810 and the Modern Period, 1910. 

Ending point, facilities & transportation

Visits do not return to the starting point. This experience ends at Alameda Park, close to Metrobus station Bellas Artes on Line 4N.  Bellas Artes metro station is one block away. Uber or other cars can pick you up on Juarez Avenue. Your host will always remain with you until he makes sure everyone has the right directions and/or help for their next destination.


Master Intro to Mexico City for First Timers
Walking History and Main Monuments
Full Mexico City Historic Center Intro From the Aztecs to Modern Times
From US$67 per person, 10 AM Daily in English. By Reservation Only

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